OSTON Serves A "Shrug" to the Vapid and Vain [Premiere]


Photo: Mike G  

With change inevitably comes growth and for emerging artist and songwriter Austin Nicole Wolfe, more popularly known as OSTON, 2019 was wrought with a slew of change. From hightailing it to the city of angels, wishing her hometown in Utah goodbye, to the release of her debut EP Sitting At The Kids Table, OSTON has made considerable strides in her blossoming career.  

These strides have been noted by tastemakers and industry professionals alike, boasting support from outlets such as of Fashionably Early, Earmilk, Blurred Culture, Pop Matters, and earning her a place under the wing of heavyweight songwriter and producer Dino Zisis of Lady Gaga's Fame.  

Culminating in a year of focused songwriting and collaboration, OSTON reemerges in the new decade with the sass-fueled single "Shrug." Upon reflecting on the past year and the inspiration behind "Shrug," OSTON shared,  

“In the last year, I've learned that it's more fun being a dork than trying to fit in. Everyone is insecure! The best thing you can do is learn to shrug it off when people judge you instead of letting it eat you alive ¯\_(ツ)_/ ¯."

The first of six tracks which will proceed her debut album, Am I Talking Too Much?, "Shrug" is an anthemic taste of what the rising artist has in store. Showcasing her growth as a songwriter, OSTON transcends from a bubblegum pop based sound into the more mature, alternative side of the spectrum.  

Serving the energetic feels from the outset, "Shrug" kicks off with syncopated chords on a synthesizer and casual vocal ad-libs. Moving into the verses, OSTON sets the highly-relatable LA scenes of struggling to pay a ridiculously high bill and "swimming circles 'round some girl sipping her vodka soda." As we land on the hook, the addictive nature of the melody settles, in a carefree no f's given kind of way, OSTON offers a "shrug" in the face of a vapid and vain culture.  

Listen to  "Shrug" below:


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