OVERSTREET's "On The Way" Live Performance Embodies Classic Rock 'n' Roll Vibes [PREMIERE]

OVERSTREET is the ever-growing brainchild of the one and only Chord Overstreet, who's most known for his role on Glee. Although his television days are over, the talented heartthrob is back in action with a new musical project: OVERSTREET. With influences of classic rock 'n' roll, OVERSTREET is slowly becoming your next favorite pop-rock band.

Co-written by Chord Overstreet, Rob Persaud, David Marshall, and Jonathan Jircitano, "On The Way" is OVERSTREET's latest single, which is now paired with a spectacular live performance video. The live rendition was filmed at the Lodge Room in Los Angeles, which introduces a timeless aura to the captivating performance. Overstreet's signature blond hair shines as the stage lights alternate between blue and purple, adding a dramatic effect to the upbeat track's lyrics.

On "On The Way," OVERSTREET exclusively shared with us,

"'On The Way' is inspired by that excitement you get about new love and the feeling that makes you want to drop everything immediately, no matter the time and place. A feeling of passionate spontaneity. It has a nostalgic classic rock tone that musically makes me feel inspired as it's the feel of music I grew up on - and I mixed it up with modern elements. I wanted to make it a song you can't help but wanna drive to."

Ones To Watch has your first look at the live performance video of "On The Way" below:

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