Peach Tree Rascals and AG Club's  "Popeye" Is the Collaboration of the Summer

Genre-defying group Peach Tree Rascals stay true to their boyish, vaunting style in their most recent hit with AG Club, "Popeye." The collaboration presents a track infused with whimsy and an energetic and inescapable energy that invites listeners to be liberated and carefree.

Dominic Pizano, Isaac Pech, Tarrek Abdel-Khaliq, Joseph Barros, and Jorge Olazaba make up the exaggerated and dynamic Peach Tree Rascals, while AG Club features the hip-hop stylings of Jody Fontaine, Mick Anthony, and Manny, aka 777MEDIA. Both groups have impressive in-house structures, including writers, performers, producers, and creative and art directors. Released via Homemade Projects / 10K Projects, the collaborative effort is a testament to both the imaginative genius of Peach Tree Rascals and AG Club.  

The electric melody that is introduced at the first note in "Popeye" brings an aggressive atmosphere to the track. With lyrics like "excuse me / if I wanted to invite you, I woulda did / I be cryin' in the function like what's up with him" the self-assured and extravagant confidence carries the purpose of the magnetic collaboration. The wild party anthem is reminiscent of early BROCKHAMPTON and Dominic Fike with it's stamina and organized pandemonium.

The intense, chaotic rhythm is complemented by a consistent deep bassline that creates a steady foundation for every member present to express their unabashed attitudes to their fullest. Despite the boastful approach in "Popeye," there is a charming nature to the track that reflects the creativity and talent of both collectives. "Popeye" is the single of the summer.

Listen to  "Popeye" below:

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