Real G's Move in Silence: H.E.R Songwriting Partner LONR. Debuts with "A.M."


As fall begins to peak its head through the cracks of our “Hot Girl Summer,” we can’t help but wonder who will be the curator of the track that will carry us through the last of our end of summer pregames. Maybe it’ll be playlist-favorite Post Malone or emerging artist Lil Tecca who will drop another banger for us to take your last “your Lyft is outside” shot to. Or maybe it’ll come from someone new.

If your function playlist hasn’t met rising star LONR. just yet, we’re about to get you acquainted.

Los Angeles born artist, producer, & songwriter LONR. - which stands for "Land of Nothing Real" - entered his first single "A.M." into the world of streaming for his early fans and other alternative hip-hop music connoisseurs early Sept. 14. Despite this being his first song release, it isn't his first mark made in the industry. LONR.'s explosive talent attracted the attention of the phenomenal R&B artist H.E.R., and in 2017 he became one of her credible songwriting partners, credited for aiding in the creation of "As I Am," "Feel A Way," "Hopes Up," "Free," "Take You There," "Going," and "More." The New York-based artist earned two GRAMMY ® Award nominations on his contributions to the album, setting a solid foundation for his success.

When speaking on behalf of his newly-released single "A.M.," LONR. notes that he was in Los Angeles when he crafted it,

"It was only the second time I had been back in Cali, ever since I lived there as a child, so I wanted to do it big. I wanted to party. My music can be serious, but there's also a fun side - like there are many sides to my personality. You hear it on 'A.M.'"

"A.M." elicits just as much of an emotional response as it does the desire to turn up with your friends through its surreal, almost haunting production style and lyrical composition, giving it an overall "party like tonight is your last" feel. "A.M." will be one of several other psychedelic-adjacent songs that is to be a part of LONR.'s upcoming project, Land of Nothing Real, which is set to debut this upcoming Fall. He explained,

"I always zone out and go into my own little world. That's the  'Land of Nothing Real.' If you don't like where you are, you can escape into another realm. This project is really about love, longing, and desire. Those topics are always on people's minds. I'm examining them with melodic and dreamy songs."

Attendees of H.E.R.'s curated Lights On festival on Sept. 14 got the chance to witness his sheer artistry live, as he performed alongside other notable artists such as Daniel Caesar, Ari Lennox, Lucky Daye, Kiana Ledé, Jhene Aiko, and others. With the introduction of his unconventional instruments and electrifying energy, we’re positive LONR.’s track is going to captivate new audiences.

Stream LONR.'s "A.M." here, and get ready to witness the future of alternative hip-hop shift into hyperdrive.

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