Don't Hit My Line. I'm Listening to redveil's  "04"


Photo: Tyler Shuler

If you have called me today, do not expect me to pick up. I will not be answering any texts, answering any FaceTimes, or checking any DMs. I won't be looking at my Twitter mentions or IG comments. I won't be looking at my physical or digital inbox, and I won't be out in public so you won't be able to find me or talk to me either. Why? Because redveil just dropped his latest track and visual for "04," potentially commencing rollout for his next record.

I don't care if you like the track, because I like it too. I don't want to hear about how you think the track's production is super novel, blending forward-thinking production styles with classic samples, because I already know that. You don't need to say it because we both already know redveil's rapping is tight, and though he seems well-refreshed, it also seems like he hasn't skipped a studio day since dropping Niagara late last year. It's tired at this point; we know that redveil is one of the most-watched and highly anticipated hip-hop artists in some time, and "04" both cements this idea while also pushing the culture forward. He's the future; I know that. You don't have to text me about it.

Every second I spend talking to you about this is a second that I'm not watching the Tyler Shuler-directed visual for redveil's "04." I know you know that the visual is sick, and that it weaves together shots of redveil in nature, in the city, and even in a bathroom mirror. I don't want to hear your theories about what it could all mean, because I'm not focused on that. I'm in my room on Ableton trying to figure out if redveil sampled John Williams' "Jennifer's French Movie." We are not the same.

After spending the past year dropping a handful of singles and collaborations with artists like AG Club and Kenny Mason, it's safe to say the hype for redveil's next project is real. So, if, and only if, you do know anything about redveil's release schedule, then you are welcome to hit me up.  

Watch the  "04" video below:

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