redveil Takes the Plunge on "diving board"


Photo: Ivan Collaco

What does redveil do in-between releases? Does he take up pottery? Does he make his own sourdough? Is he starting arguments on Grailed like yours truly? Possibly. The possibilities of what redveil spends his free time doing are admittedly endless. There is, however, one thing that is all but certain: our hero has not missed a day in the studio for a while.  

Today, rapidly rising artist, rapper, and producer redveil returns with "diving board," his first release of 2022. From hitting the road with artists like Freddie Gibbs and Denzel Curry to potentially a new record on the horizon, redveil's got a lot on his plate at the moment. And between it all, our king has managed to provide listeners with what may be the first taste of his sophomore LP.  

"diving board" sees redveil caught in the obligation-fueled tension of adulthood, embracing the proverbial plunge he must take as he enters this new era of his life. With this new era comes a new set of sounds that are uncommon for the young multi-hyphenate's already forward-thinking style - steady poetic melodies and jazzy mixes decorated with piano chords. The onset of adulthood brings with it pivotal moments of risk-taking where we are forced to either rise to the occasion or sink to the ground, and in the wake of "diving board" and its visual, it seems clear that redveil is prepared to face his challenges head first.

Watch the "diving board" video below:  

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