Rewind: Our 5 Favorite Music Videos of the Last Week

While it’s far too easy to lose ourselves in the deluge of new music releases that grace us every week, one thing that cannot and should not be overlooked is the art of the music video. With the heyday era of MTV long behind us, Rewind sees us taking a look back at a handful of our favorite music videos of the past week.

Hallie - "Do It"

Sometimes we need an obvious visual metaphor; not every meaningful literary reference is easy to catch and we can get too absorbed with all the pretty images fluttering in front of us. Virtuoso Aussie queer newcomer Hallie, who wrote, directed, and produced the video, along with co-director Lili Pedrazzini gave us some simple setups to better understand the anxiety of loneliness and early dating maneuvers. Wrapped up in caution tape by a love interest, evasively maneuvering through a spider web-like maze of strings, and pensively staggering past a caution-colored globe of a don’t sign, "Do It" is an effective and punchy visual outing.

zzzahara - "Lust"

Great stories always use the location as a character. The nuances of place are so telling in good narratives, and it is always the hallmark of great songs as well. In "lust" by Highland Park native zzzahara, the backdrop of everyday LA is prominently featured, as director Ross Harris rightly saw it as a lonely partner to the song's polite heartbreaking melody.

NUFFER - "Deadbeat"

Due to filing issues, we are a little late to this gem from newcomer NUFFER, but any video pairing an old-school treadmill and greenscreen makes room for us. Directed by Adam Linssen, the video pairs the aforementioned treadmill with classic fun tropes from the '90s like out of the sunroof guitar strumming from the hood view, upside-down bedroom ceiling POV shots, and your mandatory security cam inside the bodega shot. For a fun, sublime retro sing, "Deadbeat" is an exercise in proper visual accompaniment.

GoGo Morrow - "I.O.U." 

Brand new Philly chanteuse GoGo Morrow drops this sultry spyesque video for "I.O.U." Directed by the late Sebastian Sdaigui, the video has a long-form fashion shoot that meets illicit affair vibes, a sexual, sensual escape into the bedroom past a meticulously decorated mansion complete with vintage Porsche. The song has a retro feel, a mid-tempo R&B jam that pairs perfectly with your own late-night affairs.

Lecx Stacy ft. rei Brown & sam.sts - "Took My Time" 

Yes, the found footage, vintage, and analog approach is well-worn, but when a supple song like "Took My Time’ comes along," you need the visual equivalent of worn-in jeans to embark on the ensuing journey that lies ahead. Directed by Rueben Taylor, this overdue outing of Americana is both deliberate and frantically paced, replete with fruit groves, horses, car interior shots with highway splendor in the background. Peep the excellent road trip vibe above.

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