Ruel Exceeds All Expectations With New EP, 'Free Time'


16-year-old Australian R&B sensation Ruel delivers on his groovy, romantic, and relatable new EP, Free Time.

In 2012, M-Phazes, a former producer for Eminem, came across a young Australian talent he could not pass up. This was the beginning of a promising career for the artist who has come to be known as Ruel and has already been recognized by audiences globally. The teenager's North American tour has already mostly sold out and he is set to be the next star in the quickly growing   movement.

With this already large scale buzz Ruel has brought upon himself, his Free Time EP is due to justify all the accolades he has already received. Track after track, this EP showcases Ruel's ability to craft relatable teenage ballads full of youthful hope, heartbreak, and an occasional stroke of emotional maturity.  

The lead single, "Face to Face," showed a promising EP was on the way with its heartwarming lyrics and a bouncy melody. When it dropped with a video, fans were set up to expect the world from the young man, and he delivered. With tracks such as "Painkiller,"    Ruel is able to display the infatuation of young love and then juxtaposes these feelings with tracks like "Freetime," which focuses on finding time for one's self after investing so much into a relationship.

Along with the pen skills Ruel possesses, the production and musicality showcased on the EP are second to none. The jazzy roots on this album shine on tracks such as "Painkiller," with a strong bassline that will have any listener bobbing their head along. With tracks such as "Unsaid," Ruel's production becomes centered on a few simple piano chords and entirely allows the vocals to shine through. Ruel's showcases strong vocal control and his subtle accent craft a beautiful style and the light strain on his voice allows for emotions to flow off seamlessly.  

From top to bottom, the EP draws the listener in and left to wonder what the next track will present. In terms of content, the album has rapid emotional changes showcasing the ever-changing youthful love life. From being desperately in love, to finding growth in the comfort of one's personal time, Ruel explores each pole of the love spectrum which provides the listener with a very personal album to get to know the young Australian himself.

For more Ruel, revisit our  "Quick 6″ interview with the rising sensation below:

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