Sam MacPherson's "Routine" is an Elegy for Lost Love

With a stunning track exploring life after romance, Sam MacPherson returns to us with "Routine," his first single of 2021. This song marks the first release from the New Jersey singer/songwriter since the success of last year's singles "Solar Flare" and "No Bad Memories." Since then, MacPherson has clearly been hard at work, with his newest release being a beautiful and touching meditation on love's aftermath.

Though 2020 might have left us wanting to step away from tragedy, it is hard not to indulge yourself in the dulcet tones of Sam MacPherson's "Routine." Produced by Andy Seltzer, this single sees him offering fans a soft and acoustic track with muted piano chords and earnest writing. MacPherson's vocal performance is powerful, especially as he effortlessly flows into his falsetto during the song's chorus. On "Routine," he writes while in the wake of a breakup, delivering sentimental and heartfelt lines like "I was so accustomed to having you with me / Falling in love was a part of my everyday routine.“ The sobering reality that faces him now holds a grim truth, and he acknowledges that time has shattered the expectations he had placed on the love that once was his. As steady percussion is integrated into the mix, MacPherson comes down from the intoxication of love's euphoria - mourning the death of a relationship while becoming skeptical of the future. Even though he knows he has to move forward, he can't help but reflect on the contrast between his past and his present.

"Routine" is a healthy reminder to appreciate what is in front of us, and despite Sam MacPherson's dejected narrative, there still exists a trove of beauty embedded in his misery. He translates his experience for the viewer by offering writing full of sentimentality, vivid imagery, and a genuine vulnerability. Though fans may be waiting a while until they get more music from Sam MacPherson, "Routine" will be certain to stay in their rotation until then.

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