Sarah Cicero Debuts Melancholic "Indifferent" Ahead Of Upcoming EP


Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Sarah Cicero explores what it means to feel small in a relationship on her latest single, “Indifferent.” With its warm vocals and retro-inspired instrumentation, the LA native unabashedly expresses how it feels to be unwanted by someone and stuck.

The track, produced by Sahil Ansari (Margaux, JW Francis), opens with a melancholic percussion, bass, and keys arrangement that sounds like a cold, sunless, wintery day. Cicero’s incandescent vocals shine through the somber instrumentation and lament over a bad breakup and a lover that she too wishes she could feel indifferent about. “I wrote ‘Indifferent’ dripping snot and tears on my piano after a particularly bad breakup left me feeling impossibly small,” said the singer. “That helplessness of knowing someone’s feelings about you have changed, seeing it in their eyes or hearing that the warmth in their voice is gone.”

As the instrumentation continues to build in both intensity and dimension, adding in twinkling guitar riffs and smooth sax notes, Cicero pulls our heartstrings as she sings one last time before the song’s close, “you don’t look at me the same / your mouth’s a straight line now when you say my name.” This closing lyric drives home just how hard it can be to not be able to walk away from a relationship, wishing you could be as indifferent as they now seem to be towards you.

“Indifferent” is an authentic and deeply relatable single that showcases not only the creativity and skill of Cicero but also that of her peers from Brooklyn’s ever-creative DIY scene. Featuring friends and collaborators like Quinn Devlin (Quinn Devlin & the Bridge Street Kings, Alex Lleo), Sean Dunnevant (Glom), and Peter Wagner (Furrows, Olden Yolk), it’s clear Sarah Cicero and all of the people she loves to create with are something unbelievably special.

Be on the lookout for Cicero’s debut EP Cold Immaculate Opposite in Spring 2021.

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