Siiickbrain Delivers a Cathartic Outburst With "Jealousy"

Photo: vixxion

Get ready, because this one is a scream your lungs out, windows down on the freeway, might shed an accidental tear type of song. Whether the story is about unrequited love or a relationship gone south, you can hear the passion and agony in Siiickbrain’s "Jealousy," an alternative rock track featuring screaming sections from the unapologetic artist over booming rock instrumentation and impressive production.

You might know Siiickbrain, née Caroline Miner, from her other releases like "GASLIGHT!" or her recent collaborations with WILLOW, Skrillex, and Swaelee, but if you haven’t familiarized yourself with the California-born artist yet, you’ll immediately connect with her unique and distinct sound and storytelling across her entire discography. 

"Jealousy" opens with a dramatic, siren-like entrance from Siiickbrain as she sings about the agony of being stuck in the unknown gray area of a relationship. Over a grinding electric guitar and driving drums, she breaks out into a verse where she screams, “Can you feel a pulse? Little weaker from the bad days / Walk into the rain, ricochet, do you feel me? / You can take control if you want, you can have me / I don’t wanna wait, you can take me from this bad dream.” This song feels like a journey through heartbreak, as it weaves between reserved, moody verses, a head-bopping chorus, and sporadic, impulsive moments of full-out catharsis. The accompanying production follows Siiickbrain in every breath, intonation, and expression while creating a rewarding landing for the softer movements. Instead of feeling like an aggressive outburst, the moments where tensions build to a fever pitch are compelling and revealing of the real turmoil that a lot of us feel when going through difficult, personal moments.

Talking about "Jealousy" herself, Siiickbrain comments, “In this song, I’m referring to an experience where I was unsure of a relationship and where it stood after finding out about a third person stepping into our space. Part of me believing that they only wanted me, while the other part of me felt left in the dark. I worked on this song just after finding out about someone else stepping into a situation that I believed to be mine.”

Listen to "Jealousy" below:

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