slenderbodies Advocates for Togetherness & Acceptance in Euphoric "belong"


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Does music make you feel like you finally fit in somewhere? Well, California's indie duo slenderbodies has impeccably translated that gratifying experience into an eclectic track titled "belong." With their upcoming Lollapalooza debut and 'Komorebi' tour, slenderbodies is on the fast track to even more musical success as they continue to release brilliant singles. Ahead of their forthcoming debut album, slenderbodies offers us the euphoric "belong," which perfectly showcases the skilled duo's innovative and timeless soundscape.

Vocalist Max Vehuni's darling falsetto in "belong" is already enough to bestow slenderbodies with the award for lushest melodies, but their comforting acoustics add an even more intimate touch to the dreamy song. Reflecting on the togetherness they'd like the troublesome world to embody, slenderbodies suggests that we should embrace our commonalities between cultures and generations in "belong."

The accompanying music video for "belong," which is conceptualized and directed by Savannah Setten with Pulse Films, imagines what the world would be like without borders–specifically, the separation between Russia and China. The cinematic visual depicts people from both countries going about their everyday lives, as it shows similarities in smoking habits, dance practices, and street racing. The closing scene of the "belong" music video shows a man peacefully napping as we're left feeling content with the unity slenderbodies has been encouraging all along.

On "belong," slenderbodies shared,

"'belong' is so many things to us. It's this fun, dancey record, but that carefree feeling is all built from the concept of the song. 'belong' is about the warmth and fullness we got from vibrant, enriching communities, how those communities intertwined us with nature and ultimately brought us to a place of peacefulness with our identities to be able to feel like we belong anywhere."

Join slenderbodies on their loving journey with "belong" below:

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