Slow Hollows' "Come Back In" Is the Perfect Nostalgic Summer Anthem


"Come Back In" is the latest song by LA-based band Slow Hollows and  is accompanied by an enthralling video captured on 16mm film. This unique video directed by American Millennial with cinematography by Jacob "Kuba" Bojsza creates a vintage, almost nostalgic atmosphere, while also capturing the essence of present-day Southern California.

"Come Back In" is the perfect summer anthem as it dares listeners to  escape from whatever may be holding them back and to experience the joy which can result from this freedom. This message goes hand-in-hand with the video as it follows a young girl's escape from the oppressive, stifling heat of the greater Los Angeles area to  the beautiful Malibu coast. As the song and video progress, a weight steadily lifts from the young girl as she flees. The song and video come to a clear conclusion: it is time to break from the stifling pressures of life and to refuse to return to it.

This is Slow Hallows' third single this year, following 2018's "Lessons for Later" and "Selling Flowers." With to the band's unique sound inspired by local punk venues, the conclusion of their 2018 North American tour, a spot performing at Coachella and a performance at Lollapalooza still to come this Summer, it is safe to  conclude that this band is on the rise in the indie post-punk scene.

Watch the video for  "Come Back In" below:

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