Soft Glas Boldly Embraces Powerlessness on 2021 Anthem "Prudence and Poise"

Photo By: Jillian Gomez

To put it lightly: 2020 was not an easy year for anybody, and it seems like 2021 is gearing up to be more of the same. Despite the chaos, the pandemic, and even the stock markets (?) - thankfully artists like Soft Glas are taking responsibility and making tracks like "Prudence and Poise." Released this week, "Prudence and Poise" sees Soft Glas embodying a message that I'm sure many of us can gravitate toward: What is going on?

Musically, "Prudence and Poise" is exactly what the world may need right now. The track features a soft and relaxing latin-jazz mix that serves as the foundation for Soft Glas to ponder out loud about how exactly we got to where we are. Though it seems likely that the singer may be speaking more specifically about a love interest, or adulthood in general, it is difficult not to draw comparisons to the disarray that has been happening since what feels like forever. Like a slowly rising tide, the track swells on the chorus with bright guitar chords and percussion that never sounds too busy or unwelcome. If anything, this moment of optimism feels reassuring, even though Soft Glas is quite literally singing "I don't really know what's happening." He reveals that growing up has left him disillusioned, which admittedly is a common troubling thought, but this may help the listener not feel so alone as the track lulls them into a peaceful trance. Though Soft Glas' obliviousness may not be unique, his willingness to be forthcoming and revel in his lack of awareness is refreshing and will likely alleviate the anxiety of many.

No matter what 2021 may bring, none of us are alone in our struggles and we should never be afraid to reach out and make our support known. Luckily, Soft Glas was willing to communicate this on a global scale for "Prudence and Poise." Though many may be excited to hear new music from the Brooklyn artist soon, it may be useful to keep this track in our back pocket until that time comes. We'll probably need it.