Sticky Fingers' "Another Episode" Video Is a Bewitching Vision Quest [PREMIERE]


Sticky Fingers is one of the few bands capable of not only living up to our wildest expectations with every release but routinely vastly exceeding those expectations in the same breath. The sensational Australian chart-toppers recently released their fourth studio album, Yours To Keep, which we championed as having all the hallmarks of a lasting classic. Set to embark on a monumental Ones To Watch presented North American tour this very day, March 7, in support of their new album, Sticky Fingers is kicking off their tour the right way - with the release of a brand new music video for one Yours To Keep's standout tracks.

In their new music video for "Another Episode," Sticky Fingers captures the grand sense of scope that makes "Another Episode" a remarkably brilliant moment in an album full of already brilliant moments. Swaying from understated electronica production to a mounting surge of their trademark brand of rock and roll, the distinctive Australian band takes us on a grand, sweeping journey. Telling an arresting tale wrapped in denial and prayers to the heavens, "Another Episode" is a veritable sonic and thematic journey.

The music video for "Another Episode," which is premiering here today, transforms this sonic journey into a literal one, as we follow a man at the behest of the elements. The minimalistic video is nothing short of commanding. Accompanied by Sticky Finger's ineffable alternative rock outpourings, the sight of a lone man left to defend himself against fire and storm feels as cathartic as it does transcendent. What we have here is a vision quest scored by one of the best bands out of Australia.

Watch the video for "Another Episode" below, and be sure to catch Sticky Fingers on the 'Yours To Keep' tour:

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