Summer Salt's  Sun-Soaked 'Honeyweed' EP Is the Perfect Summer Soundtrack


Austin-based indie surf-rock group Summer Salt has released their new Honeyweed EP  just in time to help us forget about the scorching July heat. The six-track project captures the feelings of long summer days that gradually blare into tangerine-soaked sunsets.

Summer Salt's music is influenced by bossa nova and jazz sounds, along with old surf rock tracks. The band's sound flows in waves with silky vocals and harmonies, along with colorful guitars and bright percussion. The EP is a fantastic listen no matter where you are - whether you're lounging at the beach, taking a dip in the pool, or just relaxing at home, trying to stay cool.

The EP opens with the title track "Honeyweed," which bursts into that familiar toppling indie beach rock sound Summer Salt is known for. Light-weight percussion, hypnotizing guitar sounds, and enchanting falsetto harmonies, leave the track feeling like a breath of fresh air. This upbeat song sets the mood for an easy-going, lighthearted EP.

Heavier electric guitar is used in "Fading Away," drawing from 1960's surf rock. It's a fun little track about carrying on with life, and with heavenly harmonies and easy going sounds, it's easy to overlook the darker message the song holds. "Magic Boy" follows, and it is a slow-dance anthem that fills you up with warmth. The beginning is very Jack Johnson-esque, and as the song progresses it grows fuller, making this a stand-out track to fit any mood.

"Little Chimmy" is most similar to Summer Salt's older releases. It is soothing, guitar-driven, and a slower yet filling song with a blissful chorus and optimistic lyrics. The last two tracks, "Coming Up" and "Full Catastrophe," are incredibly beachy, daydreamy tunes. These two tracks create a mood that's reminiscent of the glow that shines from the setting sun, wrapping up the pleasant  EP with an echoing feeling of calmness.  

Now's the perfect time to blast  Honeyweed and relax, let the soothing sounds of Summer Salt's beachy rock flow through you.  

Last year, the band fell under heat with sexual assault allegations from fans. Since then, the group has removed a member and shared that they were deeply sorry about the whole situation, educating themselves throughout the process. As a result of the accusations and backlash, the band's label, Epitaph Records, dropped them in September. Then member MJ Tirabassi, also a past member of The Walters, left the group and Summer Salt canceled their tour, beginning the band's short-lived hiatus. They independently released their  Happy Camper  album several weeks later, donating all profits to organizations that advocate and provide support for victims of sexual assault. Since, they have released three singles, and now we have  Honeyweed.

They are working on gaining trust from fans once more, and building up their reputation, working towards creating a safe environment for all.  

This EP is a new leaf for the group, and fans can only hope that the band's future is filled with positive growth. Now, Summer Salt is currently traveling around North America on tour and if you're interested in seeing the group in a city near you, tickets can be found  here.

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