TANISAKO Reaches New Heights on Sophomore Single "Young & Dangerous"


Photo: Trenity Thomas

Singer-songwriter and producer TANISAKO strikes an unparalleled balance between catchy songwriting and breathtaking vocal performances. The Santa Cruz native blends a wide variety of influences and genres but ties these ideas together effortlessly. This ability reaches new heights on his sophomore single "Young & Dangerous"

The production on "Young & Dangerous" merges elements of rock, punk, and pop, but it's TANISAKO's vocal performance that immediately stands out. His tone is somber and dejected as he details the story of a failed relationship.  "I could never tell when she would turn my world upside down with the situations she brought me in. I smiled, she frowned. I underdressed, she overdressed. We were never one in the same and we brought out the best and worst in each other," TANISAKO tells us about the inspiration behind the track.  "Young & Dangerous" also takes creative risks with glitchy vocal manipulations that add to the track's ominous tone.

TANISAKO may be at the beginning of his career, but he's already established his own distinct sound. If  "Young & Dangerous" is any indication of what's to come, then TANISAKO's upcoming releases are likely to be just as relatable, infectious, and highly refreshing.  

Listen to  "Young & Dangerous" below:

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