Tennyson Sets Out for a Welcomed Departure in "Wintersleep"


Brother and sister duo Luke and Tess Pretty, who record under the moniker of Tennyson, have spent the last few years building up a modest but impressive discography that can best be described as fantastically playful. Their effervescent electronic music incorporates unconventional and unpredictable elements that feel remarkably alive. Yet, in their latest single, Tennyson strips all that back to explore newfound territory.

"Wintersleep" is quite unlike anything we have ever heard from Tennyson. The bubbly and sporadic predisposition of the duo is nowhere to be found. Instead, "Wintersleep" stays wholly true to its name as the brother and duo sister paint a serene and intimate ode to the winter season. Venturing confidently into the realm of folk, at no point does the departure feel jarring. Even when Luke experiments with moments of Bon Iver–evoking vocal modulation, the entire experience comes across as a resoundingly genuine artistic expression.

The poignant tenderness Tennyson instills in "Wintersleep" is akin to being wrapped in a warm blanket on a cold winter day, watching from a  frosted window as the snow falls gently down to the Earth below. It is a beautiful, moving, and in its climax, soaring piece that begs the questions of what spurred this noted departure and what lies in store for Tennyson. Whether it be the bubbly world of their past electronic works or further experiments with varying genres, with Luke and Tess at the helm, we are eager to venture off to wherever they may take us.

Listen to "Wintersleep" below:

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