The Beaches’ “Me & Me” Is a (Slightly Bitter) Anthem For the Hyper-Independent

Indie rock’s favorite best-paired-with-an-eye-roll band is back with a snide new single. Of course, we're talking about The Beaches' “Me & Me.” 

The buoyant song starts off at a slightly forlorn pace, feigning a downcast mood until The Beaches suddenly begin to accelerate the tempo. By the end of the first verse, the energy has kick flipped a 180, shifting a vulnerable, introspective story into a confident anthem backed by a defiant bass line. The arrangement falls into a signature The Beaches-style alternative groove, slightly breezy in their surfside nonchalance but ever-so-punchy in the bold instrumentals. 

“Me & Me” is one of those songs that you can tell, even from the first listen, how enthusiastic a crowd will be to hear it live. It’s the track listeners will study the lyrics to so they can scream along with The Beaches without skipping a beat—an instantaneous anthem.  

Now three singles into the rollout of The Beaches’ impending album, Blame My Ex, set to arrive September 15, listeners can start to envision the emotional palette unfolding before them. Their first release of this era, “Blame Brett,” is slightly jaded in the way it wields its angst as an anthemic device, earning its social media hype as the standout single. On the opposite side of the spectrum, “Everything Is Boring” hyperbolizes blasé to mask the reality of its gloom, introducing us to the moodier depths of The Beaches. “Me & Me” lives in the middle ground between these two tracks; the snarky tone reinforces the contagious confidence of the band, but there’s an undertone to the lyrics that lingers around an unseen ache. It’s the song for the hyper-independent girls who definitely, totally love being alone and aren’t the tiniest bit bitter about it… not even a little. 

Watch the "Me & Me" lyric video below:

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