The Wrecks' "Freaking Out" Is a Kanye West and Psychedelic - Fueled Hit [PREMIERE]


The Wrecks released and recorded their debut EP We Are The Wrecks in typical fashion - by breaking into a recording studio to self-produce it. With a wholly unconventional origin story befitting a wholly unconventional band, the Los Angeles - based indie rock band has proven to be anything but a bore. And if their new single makes anything certain, you can count on The Wrecks to deliver an anthemic single pulsating with frenetic energy.

"Freaking Out" marks the first taste of new music since their lauded 2018 Panic Vertigo EP, and in many ways is a deft illustration of just how much the indie rock outfit has to offer. The thrilling single opens on a seemingly trivial spoken word bit that is delivered with such a passionate fervor that the words "There's a picture on the wall of Kanye West/ He's staring me at/ He's staring at me/ I'm freaking out" take on an undeniable sense of urgency. It a self-aware absurdity evocative of Talking Heads or LCD Soundsystem at their most impassioned and wonderfully left-of-field. Frontman Nick Anderson spoke on the inspiration behind "Freaking Out" sharing,

"I wanted to write a song about my first experience with psychedelics because it was life-changing, but I didn't want to succumb to all the clichés that come with 'psychedelic' production. I wanted something straightforward and fun and, most of all, honest."

"Freaking Out" may just be The Wrecks most experimental, avant-garde, and best work to date. It harnesses all the unparalleled energy one would expect to find in their live shows and encapsulates it in a frenzied three-minute sonic outpour that is nothing short of infectious.

Watch the lyric video for "Freaking Out" below:

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