tsubi club Makes One Hell of a First Impression With "burbank house"


They say life is all about first impressions. If that old adage holds true, then tsubi club has certainly made one hell of a first impression with his debut single, "burbank house."

The solo project of soren, he describes tsubi club as "composite of music and visuals that combine everything I think is cool." The nonchalant creative sentiment comes to life in his debut single, which arrives as an intoxicating, adrenaline-fueled glance at his host of interests.

"burbank house" is nothing short of electrifying. It's a track that steps firmly on the gas and never quite lets up, drifting around exhilarating twists and turns of emo-rap, alternative, hyperpop, and outright euphoria with a reckless abandon. "Been here for a while, what's the question/I don't got a lot but my friends/Imma make a knot out of loose ends, sings the artist in a genuinely impassioned drawl before launching headfirst into an explosive moment of catharsis fueled pitched-up vocal chops and thundering electric guitars.

"burbank house" may be the debut single from tsubi club but it feels like anything but. Arriving alongside a music video co-directed by james baby and soren that takes a multimedia approach, incorporating the sort of composited animation flourishes you'd witness in a classic anime, there's a level of impressive polish to be found behind the enthralling grit and devil-may-care attitude. And if tsubi club is already putting out hidden gems like this one song into his career, then now is without a doubt the time to get familiar.      

Watch the "Burbank house" video below:

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