Wale the Sage Lives Up to His Name on "Stoves"


Up-and-coming rapper-songwriter Wale The Sage has released his new single, "Stoves." After a series of singles released in 2021, "Stoves" brings a new groovy vibe to his discography with a stunning visual component to match.

Wale was born and raised in a Christian and Muslim household in Nigeria, which influences his music to this day. When Wale was 16 he moved to Kentucky for college, where he was introduced to the likes of Nas, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Kanye West. The upbeat and positive energy Wale has for life shines through in his music. "Stoves" is no different, clearly showcasing the unique energy Wale brings to the table.

On top of his positivity, Wale's determination is apparent in his music. "Stoves" is written and produced by Wale, which is an impressive feat for someone who is self-taught. The new track is an excellent blend of familiar hip-hop sounds mixed with alluring moments that set it apart from the rest. The subtle vocal layering, gorgeous instrumental peeking out behind the beat, and Wale's impressive flow all contribute to "Stoves" being an overall standout track.

More than just an impressive feat of musical dexterity, "Stoves" is full of vulnerable, relatable lyrics that resonate on a personal and universal level. Wale discusses financial hardship, self-confidence issues, anxiety, and more. These are emotions we've all felt on some level in the past couple of years and Wale's commentary on these universal experiences is sharp and poignant.

Overall, "Stoves" is a powerful track that not only showcases Wale The Sage's talent but the inner workings of his personality.  

Listen to  "Stoves" below:

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