Who Is mxmtoon? | mxmtoon on BTS, Life Is Strange, and Favorite TikTok Trend

With painful honesty and palpable sincerity, mxmtoon pens what she calls "rhyming diary entries." Beautifully capturing the pains and joys of youth, mxmtoon's deeply personal reflections have managed to capture a universal audience. And beyond her salient sonic diary entries, the empathic artist has led her insightful depth to a host of other mediums, from regularly streaming her favorite games on Twitch, hosting the '365 days with mxmtoon' podcast, to, most recently, voicing the singing voice of Life Is Strange: True Colors' Alex Chen. We had the chance to sit down with mxmtoon at this year's Lollapalooza to figure out just who is mxmtoon?

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