WILD Will Cure Any Bad Day With Their New Single, "It Only Gets Better" [PREMIERE]


Indie-pop trio WILD is back with yet another feel-good anthem. WILD is notorious for their cheerful lyrics and bright rhythms, and their new single, "It Only Gets Better," only furthers their reputation as one of the most optimistic up-and-coming bands to hit the music scene.

The single opens with delicate vocals from lead singer Lauren Luiz and is accompanied by fresh harmonies from Zach Daegatano. Throughout the first verse there is charming clapping that emphasizes the single's lighthearted tone. Then, the chorus explodes with high-energy from the upbeat melodies and rich sounds from the band .

"It Only Gets Better" is a radiant reminder that good things are always ahead, even when you think you're at your lowest point. The trio commented,

“'It Only Gets Better' is knowing that even when you feel like everything is hopeless, it only gets better. So if you're feeling stuck or lost or just don't know what you're feeling, know that you're not alone.”

This is WILD's first single since the release of their debut EP,  Lace and Layers, last year. The Los Angeles based trio is comprised of Luiz (vocals), Daegatano (guitar and vocals), and Tyler Thompson (guitar and producer). Currently, WILD is collaborating with multi-platinum writers to finish their first full-length album. With the trio's cohesive repertoire of inspiring tracks, it is clear that their album will be overflowing with positivity, which is something everyone needs a little more of in their lives.  

Listen to "It Only Gets Better" below:

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