Winona Oak Paints a Portrait of  Ethereal  Melancholy in 'Closure'


Photo: Andreas Ohman

You may not yet know the name Winona Oak but take a single listen to any of her songs, and one thing is guaranteed. It is a name and voice you will not be forgetting anytime soon. Born and raised in the Nordic forests of Sweden, Oak launched herself into the spotlight with "Hope," a collaborative effort between her and The Chainsmokers that would quickly become a viral hit. Yet, it is her debut EP that truly begins to paint the portrait of Oak the artist.

In direct contrast to its name, Oak's debut EP Closure arrives as a striking introduction to an impossible to ignore artist.  Ethereal, mesmerizing, and the first chapter of a veritable pop star. From the very opening moments of "He Don't Love Me," Oak demonstrates her masterful control, moving forward with a hushed, unparalleled grace. And vocal control is where Oak, and in turn, Closure truly shine. Every moment, pinpoint inflection, and breathtaking vocal feat never fail to lose their luster.  

In addition to the release of her debut EP, Oak has graced us with a video for "Control." The track, which immediately evokes a heavenly blend of Lana Del Rey and Dua Lipa, is Closure's most dance-oriented single. Oak spoke further on "Control" and its accompanying video, sharing,

'Control' is about meeting someone that makes you weak in your knees and never knowing how they actually feel about you. You make risky decisions, act irrationally and tolerate things you normally wouldn't. You're feeling nervous, insecure and are constantly afraid that they are gonna leave you. Oh and this is when you learn - the difference between love and obsession. For the video we wanted to target this hopeless feeling with a twisted sense of humor.“

In the succinct span of six tracks, Oak demonstrates her undeniable promise. A portrait of beautiful melancholy, Closure is a magnificent way for not just Oak but the genre of pop as a whole to kick off to signal the new decade.

Listen to Closure below:

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