Meet wishlane, the Emerging Hyperpop Artist Behind "selective altruism"

NYC-based singer and producer wishlane has released a certified summer banger with their latest track "selective altruism." The song, which at the time of writing currently sits at the top of Spotify's hyperpop playlist, navigates deeply conflicting feelings while floating atop truly impressive and immersive production. Following a string of singles and the release of their EP dunderhead in April, "selective altruism" grabs listeners with its deceptively upbeat hyperpop-informed soundscape and paradoxically introspective and crushing lyrics. 

Opening on a soft guitar riff, wishlane reveals, “You know the cards on the table never lie (we’re all gonna die, we’re all gonna die) / Cause everything happening all at once is getting too much I fear,” before breaking into a fast, glitchy, and shimmering chorus. While the lyricism points to an overwhelming and devastating state of mind—debating what move to make and where to turn when questioning your own identity—the electronic driving force of the production expertly reframes these complicated emotions, providing an alternative perspective to the all-consuming and confusing questions that pervade coming-of-age. Personal choice, identity, and how we interact with those around us.

wishlane may be a relative newcomer to the scene, but they have full command of the hyperpop space, creating music that is infectious and compelling while showing a true knack for production and composition. Speaking further on "selective altruism, wishlane shares they wanted to create something “where the music itself is really upbeat and happy sounding, but the lyrics are really gloomy” to more authentically represent their own experience, especially after finishing dunderhead.

On July 1, wishlane has another exciting release in store for us with “Ridgewood,” set to appear on the upcoming community album create together vol. 3, released by independent record label bitbird. 

Listen to "selective altruism" below:

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