WizTheMc's "World Is Fucked" Presents a Sober Vision of Reality


Bright guitars punctuate what feels like the morning after a raging house party on WizTheMc's latest release. Complete with the sublime feeling of being the first to wake up and having to stumble over broken glasses to get to the bathroom, "World Is Fucked" forces you to examine the bleary-eyed face staring back in the mirror.

The first single since his breakthrough project What About Now, released last fall, "World Is Fucked" presents WizTheMc jumping into 2021 with a blunt attitude. The South African-born and Germany-raised artist explores the contemporary duality of devastation and hope, weaving together a blend of pop, rap, and rock, flowing between the positive and negative with ease.

Debating between resignation and resilience, the song casts a level-headed look at reality while moving along with a buoyant rhythm. "World Is Fucked" shoots through any flimsy utopian ideals all while avoiding the dark spiral of existential crisis, aiming instead for a perspective marked by brutal realism that also acknowledges the veneer of hope that it's wrapped in.

"I've always been an optimistic and positive person, but I'm also trying to see what's actually happening and not be ignorant towards negative things that are happening in the world," he says. It's the kind of dismal clarity Eleanor gets when she realizes the Bad Place for what it is, coupled with the determination to, at minimum, make the most of it.

Such an endeavor isn't reckless, however. In fact, his lyricism evokes a meditative quality that suggests a focus and intentionality not always coupled with hedonistic ventures. His insistence to "make you smile" doesn't conceal an innocent naivety but rather derives itself from a mind made up to put its best foot forward. While trials and hardship don't escape him, the song also "points out the positive factors that are always present no matter how bad things may get."

Grasping at aesthetics like "pink walls, yellow chairs" and semi-absurd goals like "a big ass room so there's space for my hat," WiztheMc embodies the survivalist mode many have entered into during quarantine, finding salvation in an iced coffee or a piece of thoughtfully-designed decor - nice for the moment, but ultimately devoid of any transcendent value. While the lack of longevity or permanence may be overwhelming to some, WizTheMc has a different view: "For me, this song sums up my current perspective on the world around me while also making sure I don't lose sight of love and light."

Holding the tension of apocalyptic doom at arms length, with the nonchalance of balancing a dying cigarette in hand, "World is Fucked" flaunts WizTheMc's knack for blending multiple genres and topics of interest. "At least the sun is shining," he offers, with his trademark optimism and an affable grin.

Listen to  "World Is Fucked" below:

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