Yes Please Is Your Latest Alternative Hip-Hop and R&B Obsession


Hearing Brooklyn-based duo Yes Please for the first time was like waking up to something new in the mail, an unexpected but beautiful surprise.  This element of surprise is a phenomenon best friends APOB and Matt Miggz also relate to when it comes to the origin story of Yes Please.  

Despite starting out together, the two began their own journeys in the music industry in very different ways. Miggz moved to Los Angeles and embarked on a more visually creative entrance into the music scene by pursuing a career as an artist photographer. Miggz is credited for shooting major artists such as Brent Faiyaz, Mac Miller, Joey Badass, Wiz Khalifa, and others. APOB, on the other hand, chose to refine the beat making skills he cultivated at a young age, working with award-winning producers such as 9th Wonder, Neenyo, and Static Selektah. He’s also worked with well-known artists such as Ro Ransom, Travis Scott, and Young Rody.

However, the story of Yes Please doesn't start or end there. The two began making music together in grade school and showcased their talents in school bands before they both eventually decided to kick their production skills up a notch. After branching off into their own facets of life, in 2018 the two reconnected and began exchanging beats and vocals online. Although they were initially hesitant to create their own music, the visionaries took that leap of faith and by January of 2019 the fresh dynamic hip-hop and R&B duo Yes Please was born.


Although the band has only begun releasing music - their EP Good Manners, Bad Taste debuted in May of 2019 - they have attracted a notable amount of attention. The EP has generated over half a million streams and counting, and Beats 1 host Nadeska Alexis featured their single, “Easy,” on one of her weekly programs.

Their recent release to date, “All the Time,” is a full 180 from their R&B focused EP, featuring a booming bass beneath a drum loop and distorted, rhythmic vocals that have certainly set a new-age hip-hop tone for the pairing. This track truly showcases their versatility as artists and individuals, and the best part… this is merely the start of the adventure for Yes Please. The guys have already started creating new music to release this Fall, both projects of their own and projects for other artists.  

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