Zaia Has an Ominous and Funk-Fueled Vision For Atlanta Rap


Photo:  Cristian Diaz

In today's saturated music landscape, it's become harder and harder for an artist to differentiate themselves from their peers. One artist that has been able to effectively accomplish this is Atlanta native, singer, and rapper, Zaia. After signing to Not Fit For Society / Arista Records, Zaia released his EP  RESET in 2019.  

The project featured five tracks that showcased his ear for unique instrumentation and ability to create melodic hooks with compelling lyrical content. The lead single "BLUE" sees Zaia moodily singing over eerie drums and the occasional guitar bridge. If you are unaware of Zaia's sound, this is the perfect track to start with, an equal parts memorable and captivating introduction. The other four tracks on the EP match the tone and quality of this single, creating a solid groundwork to familiarize yourself with the Atlanta artist.

Since the release of RESET, Zaia has remained relatively silent. Thankfully, he broke this silence on April 1, with the release of "DEMONS." The track opens with Zaia singing the infectious hook that mirrors the ominous tone set by the instrumental. Zaia's rapped vocals in the first verse give listeners a sense of urgency as his cadence switches between lower registers and higher octaves.

The unrelenting drumline furthers the darkness of the track, as Zaia sings and raps about the emotional torture caused by a love interest. "DEMONS" also features a guitar break halfway through the track that evokes the infectious riff of "BLUE". Reverb and distorted bass further add to the haunting atmosphere of the entire affair, fitting given the title of the song.

Zaia's music is yet another example of an Atlanta artist creatively pushing the boundaries of rap. Refusing to stay in a box, he continues to prove himself as an artist to watch and one that can convey complex ideas in infectious refrains and melodies.

Listen to  "DEMONS" below:

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