Balu Brigada

Balu Brigada

Indie-Pop / Pop

Balu Brigada

  • From: Auckland, New Zealand
  • Related Artists: Gorillaz, Frank Ocean

Balu Brigada are a self-described “groove-pop” duo composed of multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter/producer brothers, Henry and Pierre Beasley. Performing is in their blood: Dad was a ballet dancer, Mum, an actor. Dad played Bowie records, Mum preferred The Beatles. After “enduring” childhood piano lessons, the brothers turned to jamming in the family rumpus room once 12-year-old Henry switched to guitar and forced Pierre to pick up a bass.

Balu Brigada are all about experimentation, inspired by genre-mashing musical giants Gorillaz and Frank Ocean. Their songs perfectly soundtrack coastal roadtrips, summer BBQs and flirty dancefloor moments – effortless, laidback cool.

A “nostalgic kick” for the brothers, their band name is a sideways glance at Baloo (‘The Jungle Book’), whose “ultimate chiller” persona embodies the Balu Brigada sound. ‘How It Would End’ – their next single and debut release as a two-piece – is a bouncy musing with soaring falsetto choruses, synth hooks and an irresistible, underlying groove.

With a brand new, yet-to-be-named EP on the horizon – the follow-up to 2019’s celebrated ‘Almost Feel Good Mixtape’ release – Balu Brigada’s time is now.


Balu Brigada : How It Would End - Single
  • Latest Album:
    How It Would End - Single
  • Release Date:
    July 9, 2021

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