• From: Auckland, New Zealand
  • Related Artists: Paige, Maisie Peters, Emily Burns, Robinson, Thomston

In 2019 Navvy was dumped. For a lot of people that would end in boxed wine and ugly crying over Netflix rom coms, but for Navvy, it launched a pop career. Her debut project - The Breakup EP - arrived in August 2019 and does what it says on the tin; traces the intricacies of heartbreak in all its brutal glory. Her subsequent No Hard Feelings EP, released in January 2020, covers the weird in between bit where you’re sort of over them but not really finding solace in family and being scared to be happy. It’s a testament to Navvy’s good nature that it features a song about not being that mad at the guy who cheated on her. While she normally divides her time between London (song writing, photo shoots, fun popstar stuff) and Auckland (hanging with friends and family, resetting), Navvy’s 2020 plans of touring and festival hopping were - like most of the world - cut short by Covid. Still, she’s been doing international writing sessions via Zoom with the likes of Norwegian producer Martin Sjølie (of Sigrid fame), scheming up ways to get back to London when she can, and enjoying some well-deserved downtime. Her third EP – The Final Pieces – was released in September 2020 and rounds off the breakup trilogy. Lead single Pieces showcases Navvy at her best - written and produced with London-based producer Starsmith and her longtime collaborator Wells*, it’s all sparse production laced with husky falsetto, and a ripper of a chorus about having her pieces back together. But you don’t need to be going through a breakup to enjoy her tracks - you just need to like great pop music.


Navvy : The Final Pieces
  • Latest Album:
    The Final Pieces
  • Release Date:
    September 4, 2020

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