Rhys Rich

Rhys Rich

Hip-Hop / R&B / Soul

Rhys Rich

  • From: Wellington, New Zealand
  • Related Artists: Smino, Tyler The Creator, CeeLo Green

Rhys Rich embodies the vibe of an independent self-made producer and singer-songwriter. With mixes of classic hip-hop and R&B tones to his plate, he combines modern influences from other genres such as pop, indie, electronic music and many more, confidently showing that his sound is not one to be restricted by categories. Connor Henare Dion ‘Rhys Rich[ard]’ grew up in Australia and then changed sceneries to New Zealand, which from there has continued to create distinct, soulful, and melodic compositions straight out of the heart of Wellington, NZ. A sports fanatic in his early stages turned musician in his now twenties, he doesn’t shy away from his roots of music production and DJing. His recent 2020 track ‘No Confetti’ flaunts an arrangement of wafting synths, subtle high hats, and a groovy melody – all too reminiscent of a chill party scene that gets you bumping to the beat unconsciously.


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