Royal & the Serpent

Royal & the Serpent

Pop / Singer-Songwriter

Royal & the Serpent

  • From: Los Angeles
  • Related Artists: Ruth B, Hailee Steinfeld, Ruelle

The Los Angeles based singer/songwriter is pure thrill worthy of addiction. With boundary pushing lyrics and palpable energy, she has an onstage spirit that has fans referring to her as "Lady Cobain". The duality she expresses makes her both relatable and captivating, as she unapologetically shares a full spectrum of experience, from royal soul to luring serpent. Royal delivers the perfect combination of funk and grace in a sweet sound rich with hypnotic melodies.


Royal & the Serpent : Overwhelmed - Single
  • Latest Album:
    Overwhelmed - Single
  • Release Date:
    June 29, 2020

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