19&You Are Anything but Boring on Latest Single "Bored!"


LA-via-Australia synthpop band 19&You’s origin story is a simple one. Boy, lead producer Noah Taylor, meets girl. Boy flies to Australia to be with girl. Boy ends up hitting some bumps in the road and forms a four-piece band with the musicians he’s staying with. Classic. The group continues their streak of releasing heartfelt singles to sonically commentate on the modern dating scene’s highs and lows in their latest single, “BORED!”

The single begins with a subtle sound collage that sets the scene for the rest of the track. As the instruments build into gritty enthusiasm full of catchy hooks and slick guitar licks, the four-piece band explores an unhealthy relationship that has run its course. According to lead singer Cam Graves, the band’s all-too-relatable lyrics for “Bored!” was a group effort. “All of us within a three-week period went through a breakup,” said Graves. “So, this song and all of the songs on the upcoming EP aren’t about a specific someone, but about all of our situations combined.”

Graves’ smooth and emotive vocals on this track are well mixed with the dance-inducing synths and steady instrumentation. This is especially apparent in the pre-chorus where he sings, “when you put on your makeup, you make up who you wanna be,” before the band hooks listeners back in with the song’s incredibly catchy chorus. “We love that lyric because it’s a clever wordplay on how people put up a front to look like they have it all together when, in reality, they might be dealing with something hard,” shared the songwriters. Overall, 19&You perfectly execute how to allow listeners to appreciate each of their band members’ talents without overpowering or over-saturating each other.

The visualizer for “Bored!,” directed and produced by John Esparza, perfectly correlates with the spirit of the track. Viewers see the band in a magenta lit room playing the song and having fun being a band. “Working with Johnny was an absolute pleasure,” said the band. “He was so helpful and helped push the creativity of the video to a place we wouldn’t have been able to reach without him. He played a massive part in making this all come together.”

Listen to “BORED!” today and be on the lookout for the band’s self-titled debut EP in Spring 2021.