50Landing Creates His Own Futuristic Pop Lane on “please don’t wait”

Experimental electronic pop artist, 50Landing, pioneers a unique sound on his succinct EP, please don't wait. On this short project, he fuses sounds, subverts expectations, and flexes his versatility. He has steadily been gaining attention this past year through singles "remember", "re:birth", and through his multiple collaborations with pop punk newcomer, brakence. Although the two share similarities, 50Landing operates in his own glitchy and futuristic pop lane.

After remaining relatively quiet for 2020, 50Landing released please don't wait, which is comprised of three tracks, each named after one word from the title. Although it's only about 10 minutes in length, he is able to pack various ideas and sounds into the project while creating a cohesive vision.

The EP opens with the track "please." 50Landing's versatility on the track is an immediate attention grabber. There are moments on the track where he even sounds like two distinctly different artists, especially when he shifts into his falsetto. The instrumental creates a futuristic atmosphere tinged with modern pop and electronic similar to the production style of Dylan Brady of 100 gecs.

"don't" and "wait" are more dejected and somber moments in comparison to their predecessor. The instrumentation has more classic pop appeal with the use of acoustic guitar lines. The latter half of "don't" reminds the listener of 50Landing's ability to incorporate forward thinking electronic production seamlessly. The short EP ends with "wait," which is the most introspective moment of the project and has the attention of the listener shift from the zany production to his melancholic and self-reflexive vocals.  

50Landing effortlessly incorporates traditional pop styles with the production and song structure of the future. He shows limitless potential on this project and stands out as an innovative artist in the futuristic pop movement.