99 Neighbors Quietly Dropped One of the Most Breathtaking Tracks of the Year


Photo: Alysse Gafkjen

99 Neighbors is the art-rap collective you need to keep on your radar. The Vermont-bred collective weaves together disparate styles and sounds to bring to life a distinctive vision that feels truly unique to them yet wholly relatable, existing on the edge of transcendence and self-revelation. Their latest single, the wistful "N. Michigan Gospel," is the latest result of the group's continued evolution.

"N. Michigan Gospel" arrives ahead of their major label debut album, Wherever You're Going I Hope It's Great, set to release September 24 via Nice Work / Warner Records. Built around a warped guitar sample, each additional element, whether that be the gentle press of a key or another member entering the fray, serves to build out the delicately beautiful soundscape on display. It's an evolving sonic tapestry of emotions that would feel impossible coming from a solo artist, only possible due to the collective's combined breadth.

The sprawling jazz-inspired art-rap piece moves in stark contrast to much of today's hip-hop offerings, opting to explore the emotional depth of 99 Neighbors' varied skill sets as opposed to aiming for the predictive viral success of bite-sized, two-minute-shy transient diversions. "N. Michigan Gospel" is a testament to 99 Neighbors' creative promise, one that is sure to only blossom in the years to come.  

Watch the "N. Michigan Gospel" video below: