Aaron Taos Warns of the Danger of Social Media Envy in “Saboteur”


We are pleased to present one of indie pop's greatest talents: Aaron Taos. With the rock influences of Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes, the New Haven native is the real deal. Before he unleashes his forthcoming EP, Closure & Campari, you need to feast your eyes on the genius music video for "Saboteur."

Written about our tendency to compare ourselves to others at almost every chance we get, "Saboteur" is Taos' way of encouraging us to reclaim our confidence. Rather than focusing on what we lack, it is much more productive and fulfilling to shed light on what makes us great and successful.

On "Saboteur," Aaron Taos exclusively shared with us,

"The overall theme of the 'Saboteur' is about the pitfalls of falling in a pattern of comparing yourself to others. With social media, it's so much easier to see others' successes and immediately be triggered to look at your life and go down a spiral of feeling bad for yourself. A friend of mine recently mentioned the Theodore Roosevelt quote, 'Comparison is the thief of joy,' and I think that optimizes the sentiment of this song for me."


Aside from a fantastic song, Taos takes us on a tour of Los Angeles in the 90s themed "Saboteur" music video. Shot entirely on a camcorder, the retro visual follows Taos through the eclectic city as he visits renowned spots like Grand Central Market, Echo Park Lake, and the Walk of Fame. Taos' heart-shaped sunglasses are nothing but a mere reflection of what our two eyes look like as we swoon over the indie pop charmer.

Taos continued,

"The video was directed by my friend and roommate Taylor Florio who also has done my videos for 'Bloom' and most recently, 'Closure.' Given the '90s rock vibe of the track, we knew we wanted to do something with a camcorder. Besides that, our previous videos had been pretty planned out so we just wanted to have fun with this one. We based a lot of shots directly around the lyrics - but besides that, it’s just us having fun and fucking around. The guy who is subletting my room while I’m on tour had a pretty dope old school van so we were able to grab some pretty hilarious takes of me soloing on the top driving through Angelino Heights… That's probably my favorite shot, haha."

Watch the video for "Saboteur" below: