After Three Years Of Silence, ABRA Unites With Playboi Carti and Boys Noize on “Unlock It”

Photo: Coughs 

In astronomy, a syzygy describes when three or more planetary bodies align, and though uncommon, this cosmic anomaly is regarded as culturally sacred within certain cultures and faiths. I'll be real. I'm not the most "tapped-in" when it comes to that sort of thing, but I can totally understand the significance when three unlikely and heavenly forms align to create something entirely new. This week, a similar phenomenon happens in music, with the harmonious collaboration of ABRA, Playboi Carti, and Boys Noize on their new single "Unlock It." 

Named after a Pokemon that is equally difficult to find or locate, ABRA's spent the better part of the past three years outside of music's spotlight. Despite her absence and the trove of devoted fans wondering about what she was up to (myself included), "Unlock It" shows ABRA's time away was well-spent. Her latest single is a refreshingly original and bouncy club-ready hit, emanating an artistry that is just as prolific as it is understated. ABRA and Playboi Carti showcase an infectiously laid-back chemistry over Boys Noize's experimental electronic production.

I'm not really sure how you could make a better reintroduction into music than ABRA's "Unlock It." Alongside Playboi Carti, the two Awful Records affiliates provide listeners with a Boys Noize-approved sound that is precise yet effortless, refreshing yet familiar in all the right ways. On the track's release, ABRA notes that the two reuniting on "Unlock It" feels like "validation for the long winding journey." 

Listen to "Unlock It" below: