Adam Pastel’s Debut ‘MISTAKEN MEMORIES’ Demands Attention


Adam Pastel's music is just as bright and colorful as his name suggests. The Bay Area native has been steadily releasing pop rap that is characterized by grand, bouncy instrumentals and Pastel's optimistic and magnetic personality. If you're looking for an introduction to the new artist, then look no further than his debut MISTAKEN MEMORIES.

The album is short with only 8 tracks, but Pastel is able to fit a variety of sounds and ideas into its run time. The intro track "LAST SUMMER" is a slow paced and melodic opening to the project with Pastel showing off his vocals and ability to create a moody atmosphere. The track "REWIND" is a standout moment on the album. The song is catchy with Pastel's hook being an instant attention grabber. The instrumental of the track, produced by Justice Skolnik, is vibrant and effectively matches Pastel's energy.

Tracks "HOME" and "WHEN UR AROUND" are both songs with high replay value. The tracks feature guest appearances from Internet Money's Moe Young and marcos g. Both feature Pastel's writing at their forefront and once again show his ability to make the instrumental his own.

Pastel's debut is a straightforward display of his hook writing, vocal ability, and overall likability. MISTAKEN MEMORIES is a strong introduction to an artist that is likely have many more high-quality projects.

Listen to MISTAKEN MEMORIES by Adam Pastel below: