again&again Delivers an Irresistible Vibe on “baby”


again&again could not have existed before today. That is no mere hyperbole, well technically speaking. An international collaborative effort between Atwood, Garett., Ryce, planet girl, juicebox caviar, Bluknight, and Wet Day Timetable, again&again are an enthralling byproduct of a music generation buoyed by the Internet, unrestricted by the distance imposed by geographical lines. The result is a unique collective who leverages one another's varied skill set and cultural inflection to deliver sonic reflections greater than the sum of their parts.

Such is the case on "baby," an undeniably intoxicating single that sways between lovelorn and lustful at a moment's notice. As if to mirror the constantly shifting feelings of a budding infatuation, each member of again&again's entrance signals a tonal switch-up. From light-as-air pop, the bravado of dancefloor-ready hip-hop, to amalgamations of the two, each traded off verse feels like a spotlight moment for a new member to take center stage.

The breakneck pacing at which again&again embraces their rotating spotlight paired with the laidback nature of the production makes "baby" not only a standout track but a testament to the inherent potential of the collective. In the span of just over two-and-a-half minutes, again&again cements themselves as a group with an international vision and the talent to bring that vision to life.

Listen to "baby" below: