Aidan Alexander on First Date Advice, Balloon Animals, and Fans Kicking Him | Quick 6

Aidan Alexander originally garnered attention for his acting work and equal-parts uplifting and hilarious Twitter presence, but it has been his recent foray into music that has left a palpable lasting impression. Currently working towards his debut project, we had the pleasure to sit down with atmospheric pop's new poignant voice in our latest "Quick 6″ interview. From Alexander's biggest fear to his thoughts on you pushing him in the streets, this is a thing or six you did not previously know about this rising pop star.

Alexander may have only three singles to his name, but in the span of three impressive songs, he has illustrated an innate gift for airy, stirring indie pop. Whether it be his debut single "I Don't Love You," which has been streamed over one million times on Spotify alone, the undeniably lovely "Yours," or the heartrending "Melancholia," one thing is certain. Alexander was made to make music that pierces the heart.  

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