Alaina Castillo Wants You to Treat Every Day Like Its “valentine’s day”


With February fast approaching, so is the buzzing of love songs. Whether Valentine's Day makes you cringe or sparks your inner hopeless romantic, Alaina Castillo's playful new song is a love bop sure to make your head bob.

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“valentine's day" starts with a voice sample of Castillo singing, "roses are red, violets are blue," followed by her sugary voice singing a classic love song melody. The vocals set the tone when the beat drops in to join the synth. With lyrics like, "But what's the point in hiding / If they always gonna say no, no," Castillo expresses a call to ignore the naysayers and respond resiliently to any degree of forbidden love.

When the chorus hits, so does Castillo's soft falsetto vocal, backed by ambient chords that sound like they're floating underwater. Produced with a contemporary, tastefully warm sound and catchy supporting groove, "valentine's day" is not just about February 14. Lines like "Let me treat you like it's Valentine's Day," remind us of the importance of showing love not only on Valentine's Day but every day, all year round.

Produced by RØMANS, "valentine's day" displays Castillo's ability to maintain her warm, dreamy pop sound, while fusing in other elements - in this case, a cheeky, pop love song feel. This versatility foreshadows an exciting 2020 for Castillo, who has both a new EP and her highly-anticipated debut album lined up for the year. Until then, it's a good thing this new tune is not just a holiday bop. Because no matter how this February has you feeling, you're bound to feel one thing - the beat of Castillo's "valentine's day."