Alexander 23 Continues His Hopeless Romantic Tale on "Caught In The Middle"


"We used to kiss and say I love you, now we don't say nothing at all." Words that hit close to home for so many. A quick reflection on love that once was, but vanished in thin air. Only to be left with the thoughts of what your lost love is up to nowadays. That's the story Alexander 23 tells us in his latest pop driven single "Caught In The Middle" and the follow up to his beloved "IDK You Yet".

"Caught In The Middle" is a song that resonates with the ones feeling lost without their best friend. The best friend they spent every day with, who claimed to love them and evidently knows everything about them. The struggles of having one person in your life for so long, letting them into your world, then being stripped of that. Not knowing their whereabouts or how they're doing, but only wishing them the best because your heart is still with them.

The tune is the classic Alexander 23 styled production. The easy listening, simplistic sound that draws you into his delicate vocals. From the repetition of the beat, to the consistent guitar melody played throughout, the song is structured in the most memorable way it possibly can.  As Alexander 23 continues to form a story out of his latest releases, we can only sit patiently to see what else this mastermind has to come.