Even in Difficult Times, Alexander 23 Wants You to Be There For Others

Photo: Julian Burgueño

As the majority of the world sits at home navigating their way through Zoom calls and how to maintain a positive outlook in increasingly uncertain times, music remains a unifying constant. It can provide an escape, a moment of respite, a space for reflection, unbridled catharsis, and so much more. Alexander 23 provides such a reminder in his latest compassionate and optimistic single, "Loving You Gets Hard."

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"Loving You Gets Hard" follows close on the heels of "I Hate You So Much," and serves as another exquisite example of the Los Angeles-based artist's innate gift for detailing complex relationships through an array of experimental pop sonics. Not shying away from the natural up-and-downs of relationships, "Loving You Gets Hard" is a reflection of the reality that truly loving someone means being there for them, and not just when it is easy to do so.

"When loving you gets hard / I will love you harder / I knew it from the start / That your love would be harder, baby," repeats Alexander 23 in a chorus that plays out against an anthemic swell of production. The sentiment is impossible to ignore and could not have arrived at a better time. In these times, even when we are physically separated from each other, it is important to hold onto the connections that bind us. Alexander 23 spoke further on "Loving You Gets Hard" and deciding not to postpone it, sharing,

“I thought about postponing the song release due to everything going on. But I think maintaining as much normalcy (while still being safe) as we can is something that we owe to ourselves and each other. Additionally, I think the message of the song really applies to what we are all going through right now: being there for people when things are easy is easy, but being there for people when things get hard is hard. It’s the latter that really defines a compassionate relationship.”

Listen to "Loving You Gets Hard" below: