Alexander 23’s ‘I’m Sorry I Love You’ Is a Tender Debut Full of Promise


Photo: Julian Burgueño

Alexander 23 might be sorry he loves you, but we're not sorry for eavesdropping on that conversation. The Chicago native's nine-track debut project I'm Sorry I Love You is a bundle of distinctively fresh songs bound to become earworms. His themes of loving long and growing old speak to all of us. Yet, the way in which he has chosen to craft each of these softhearted tracks is special. 

First and foremost, every song on I'm Sorry I Love You is sweet and succinct, clocking in over the three-minute mark only once. There's a beauty in that. It makes you want to play each song twice just to feel its fleeting sentiments in full. Alexander 23 first granted us a glimpse into his debut project with alt-pop meets unique electronica gems like "Dirty AF1s," "Mars," and "Sad." However, there's so much more to be found in I'm Sorry I Love You.  

"20 Something" sees Alexander 23 taking a unique lyrical approach, choosing to focus on the undeniably self-centered point-of-view many of us have. We often get caught up in the throes of our own lives' troubles. We don't tell anyone about our struggles and forget to realize the world doesn't really revolve around us. Alexander 23 acknowledges all of this, confessing to the great beyond, "Just found out the world goes on without me." We're young, and it is easy for every problem to feel like the end of the world, but, unless you're the main character of a young adult novel, it's likely not.

Alexander 23's debut EP is a testament to his versatility. It's interesting to see the way he blends his raw voice with pop melodies and semi-distorted 90s synths. "The Internet" is a great example of that blend, featuring a distorted vocal duet with Alexander 23 and himself that is nothing short of infectious. 

Then there's "See You Later," a tender acoustic yet glam song about change. It's the perfect soundtrack to the last time you see your best friend before you both leave for college or the last moment between lovers when one has to move somewhere far away. "It's not goodbye, cause that would be worse / So see you later."

Listen to "I'm Sorry I Love You" below: 

For more from Alexander 23, revisit his live performance of "Sad" below.