Alexander 23 Released a New Track And We’re Anything But “Sad”


Photo: Maria Isabel

Many fans have heard Alexander 23 perform "Sad" live, and now that's it's out, we can't help but feel so happy about it. The rising indie-pop artist has delivered yet another bop-able song that makes us reflect on our own relationships and fall head first into his intoxicating sound. 

Like the glorious RuPaul always says - "If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?!" Amen. Alexander 23's latest song is about feeling stuck in a relationship because your significant other has a lot of personal issues to deal with. He feels like nothing he does will make them happy because they just aren't in a positive place in their life. Sometimes you can't use someone's presence for temporary happiness – you need to figure it out on your own, and Alexander 23 works through being on the other side of that throughout this track. He is stuck, so he contemplates feelings of powerlessness - he doesn't know what to do because now he has grown unhappy. 

"You’re just too good at being sad

I’m just a Band-Aid on a broken heart

Yeah, I’m the best at making you laugh

For a breath, and you’re back in your head

You’re so sad"

"Sad" is a simple, laid-back track that's driven by Alexander 23's electric vocals as they echo over a ticking, chalky beat. The song is undeniably catchy and just fun to listen to. For a song titled "Sad," it's a pretty upbeat number, and perhaps a perfect song for a daytime drive or casual hangout with friends. 

Watch the kitschy, rainy lyric video for "Sad" below:

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