Alexander 23's "Brainstorm" Is a Beam of Light in a Dark Space

Alexander 23 never disappoints. With each release, he connects with every single listener on a deep and personal level. The intimate grand piano and lush vocals convey a tight, warm feeling in your chest that you only get when something really hits hard. And in Alexander 23's newest single "Brainstorm," that's exactly the feeling we get.

How bad’s the weather in your head?

Wish you could stay with me instead

You swear to God it’s rain

But salt water is rolling down your neck

How bad’s the weather in your head?

Right off the bat, Alexander 23 displays an incredible sense of lyricism and writing ability that is so hard to come across nowadays. The way he's able to write meaningful lyrics that actually stick with you proves his ability to be a true and timeless act. Just a little over a year ago, he was just a kid from Deerfield, IL writing sad songs out of his bedroom. Today he shines as a growing superstar that millions of listeners have fallen madly in love with.

The production on "Brainstorm" is near perfection. Co-written with Amy Allen and solely produced by Alexander 23 himself, the song is a shining light in the darkness of anxiety that can build up in someone’s head. With the panic-stricken feeling of being alone and losing someone close, Alexander 23 builds a world of relatability and wholesomeness that welcomes you with open arms letting you know that you aren't alone in this fight. Alexander 23 is on his way to being that timeless act we continuously are trying to find. And soon enough, when shows are back in full swing, it's no doubt in our mind that he will be selling out bigger venues than he ever has before.