ALMA’s “Lonely Night” Is Your Go-To Sad Party Song


Photo: Viivi Huuska

"Lonely Night" by ALMA is, and I can not stress this enough, a certified bop. The latest sad party track from the Finnish singer/songwriter will be rolling in your mind all day after a single listen (and it's hard to be mad about it).

The new single, which revolves around unrequited love, has an infectious electro-pop sound with a hint of western edge to it. The chorus is simple in nature with a highly addictive sound. ALMA's soothing vocals focus on the idea of catching feelings for someone who's just messing around. Experimenting with your sexual identity is fine, ALMA says, but it still hurts for those who are used and later discarded. "She said I love you but not the way you do…" The struggle is real for ALMA, and we feel it in her new track.

For the past few months, ALMA has been writing and recording with pop-icon Miley Cyrus. She co-wrote "Mothers Daughter" and "Cattitude" featuring the ruler of the world RuPaul for Cyrus' latest EP, She is Coming. She has also collaborated with other artists such as Charli XCX, Tove Lo, French Montana, and more.

ALMA's debut album Have You Seen Her?, which was initially set to come out in April, will be coming out later this year. Until then, we'll definitely be caught streaming her latest bop and past tunes. Keep your eyes peeled and ears ready for more from ALMA.

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