Ama Lou Cements Herself as an Artist to Know in ‘Ama, who?’


Photo: Ari Marcopoulos

In North London, at the tender age of 10, Ama Lou found herself introduced to the world of music through the strings of a guitar. Only a year later, the Londoner found herself singing and writing her own songs. The development quickly continued as she found herself playing the piano at 14 and then eventually taking over as a producer. 

Essentially, the now 21-year-old artist finds herself a master of various instruments and sounds. With all of this combined, she is able to hone in on a unique brand of R&B that has brought acclaim from the likes of Drake, Murda Beatz, and Odd Future's Taco. Lou is quickly becoming another household name from across the pond.

Thanks to years of dedication and an obvious gift for musicality, Lou has signed a deal with Interscope and is now releasing her major-label debut, Ama, who? primarily addresses the road to success Lou has found herself on and the anticipation for what is to come. In its entirety, the EP serves as a confirmation of the high praise the 21-year-old has been steadily receiving since dropping her very first track in 2016.

Leading the EP's rollout was the single "NORTHSIDE." The track features an ominous background synth, quick hip-hop-infused drums, and steady bass hits throughout. What truly makes the track shine, however, is the vocal performance. Whether it be her precise enunciation as she melodically delivers bar after bar, the graceful falsetto hits, or the jaw-dropping vocal riffs, Lou never fails to hit the right note. The delivery is smoother than a slice of butter, yet somehow as crisp as a wafer. The North Londoner has captured what it sounds like to be effortlessly self-assured. 

Ama, who? is not lacking for standout moments. One highlight, in particular, arrives in "We tried, we tried." This song carries an early 2000′s swag that will have the whole room swaying from side to side. The songwriting perfectly parallels the bravado Lou gives off, as she echoes, "I came home late / You were not there / I didn't care," making it clear she is fine moving on by herself. This track is the exact breakup song we so desperately needed.

Ama, who? draws to a close with "Better." The track features a disgustingly good beat hit at the one minute mark where all the drums crash in simultaneously. What begins as a dramatic bass-backed ballad, quickly turns into a fast-paced anthem of self-confidence. With the final chorus, Lou explains, "No, I don't give a fuck about your pressure," an approach wholly necessary when the biggest names in music think you're the next one to carry the torch. 

Listen to Ama, who? below: