Ambar Lucid Wants You to ‘Get Lost in the Music’

Photo: Litsa Sursock

Since her inception, Ambar Lucid has remained an artist whose modest approach belies an otherworldly, universal vision. It is a sentiment that can be heard in everything from her bedroom musings to sweeping swirls of production and instrumentation, imbuing it all with a cosmic sense of grandeur, no matter how commonplace the subject matter at hand. This uncanny ability takes form like never before in her highly-anticipated EP, Get Lost in the Music.

At its core, Get Lost in the Music stays wholly true to it its mission statement, providing five sonic excursions from the world. Written as a way of letting go of the negativity of the past year, Lucid manages to deliver an escape that never loses sight of what makes her such an enthralling artist to watch. Opening on the aptly titled "Space Girl," Lucid's ethereal meditation melds her homegrown pop roots with the forgotten appeal of late '60s psychedelic space rock. The effect is akin to staring up at your bedroom wall for hours, drifting into another plane as the walls give way to unveil a galaxy of your own making.

The previously-released titular track and "Un Animal (Divina Existencia)" soon follow as exemplary showcases of Lucid's breadth. The former dives headfirst into its cosmic inspiration, as twinkles of production set the stage for Lucid to flex her ever-impressive vocal prowess. Meanwhile, "Un Animal (Divina Existencia)" is an exquisite demonstration of the Dominican and Mexican artist's bilingual appeal, as the Spanish-sung lyrics quickly build to a dance-inducing fever pitch.

Forgive me in advance for saying this, but Get Lost in the Music is a lucid dream come true. In the span of five distinctive tracks, Lucid provides not just a diversion from the past year but a cosmic escape perfect for any occasion.

Listen to Get Lost in the Music below: